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Solar Batteries


Selection of the right battery is the way to successful and efficient operation of the Solar Systems. Since all the components in a Solar System depend on their batteries, these come in various types by construction and application.

Solar Motion will provide with the best suitable and best quality for your project. Capacity will be depending on your project need.

In order to provide uninterrupted power supply during a power failure, Battery Back-up Systems play a major role. These systems use Deep Cycle Batteries which require very less or no maintenance. To avoid the batteries being overly discharges or charged, controller is used.

Deep Cycle Battery has

· Backup power

· RV and boat "house" batteries

· Solar electric (PV)

Major Cycle Batteries are

· AGM ( Absorbed Glass Mat)

· Gelled : sealed maintenance free, cyclizing ability

· Flooded (wet)

Benefits of Solar Batteries

· No pollution

· Provides continuous flow of energy to critical loads, with one switch to back up batteries.

· Less maintenance

· Recharged daily by solar array

· Availability of various models

· Quality cables are available for specific applications

· Battery boxes are provided with the large systems