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Solar Inverters


Another name for Solar Inverter is PVInverter. The general function of an inverter is to take current from battery and convert current (AC) to run any common load. In this case, Solar panels are made to convert direct current (DC) from a photovoltaic array into alternating current (AC) .

To determine the maximum power and the size of the inverter you require, make a list of all the equipments you need to run and the time duration of usage.

Solar Motion provides following types of Solar Inverters

· True sine wave inverters

· 3 phase inverters

· Portable inverters

· Battery based inverters

· Modified sine wave inverters

· Custom power supplies inverters

· Grid tie inverters

Features of Solar Inverters

· Mounting back plate included

· Communication ports included

· LCD backlight for 24 hours

· Inverter directs monitoring: checks the AC and DC conversion data

· Revenue grade inverter monitoring: checks for the Kilowatts produce by the system

· Customizable designs available