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Solar Cables and Interconnects


Solar Motion provides the eco-friendly Solar Cables and Interconnects for the Solar Power Systems. This is the way of cost reduction and obtaining an economic benefit from the systems.

Types of Cables

.Inverter cables
.MC output cables
.Output cables
.Controller to the battery
.Battery cables
.Inter-Module cables

Advantages of Solar Cables
.Easy installation
.High quality
.Eco friendly

Solar Mounting Systems
These are used to hold and place Solar Panels, keep them safe from the damage caused by wind and keep them cool with air underneath the system components. These eco friendly and safe Solar Mounting Systems are good solutions for individual usage.
Types of Mounting Systems
.Ground Roof :
.These systems are used to get sunlight and space for applications.
.The large scale uses of this system is obtaining the maximum efficiency of electric output.
.20 panels on one single pole can be held by these systems.
.The strong modules have power to tolerate strong winds.
.The advantages of these systems are easy maintenance ,durability and long service warranty period.
.Flat Roof:
.This system components are designed to be able to fix on any roof .
.The roof need to be strong to bear extra weight.
.There should be spacing in the module lines to avoid shadows.
.Roof Mounted:
.This systems does not require additional space in the ground.
.These can be installed on the roofs where most of the new buildings are constructed to use the space for these systems.
.These are designed according to the needs ,such as correct sizes, optimal construction and orientation.

Advantages of Solar Mounting Systems
.Easy installation
.Elegant appearances
.Long lasting protection from corrosion
.Problem free mounting
.Locked, tight and secure systems
.Systems are made of aluminum or stainless steel
.Horizontal and vertical mounting is possible

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