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non transparent
1 layers solar glass

Application reference


Module Type S1AS130(1 layer)
Color Black
Mechanical Specifications
Size(L×W×T) 1,414×1,114×3.4 mm
17.83 Kg
IP Rating
Cable Length 
1000 mm
Cable Size 
2.5 mm2
Number of diodes 1

Electrical Specifications
Maximum power (Pmax at STC) 
130 W
Maximum power voltage (Vpm at STC)
77 V
Maximum power current (Ipm at STC)
1.69 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc at STC)
102 V
Short circuit current (Isc at STC)
Diode average rectified output current (Io) 10 A
STC: Iirradiance of 100mW/cm2, AM1.5 Spectrum, and cell temperature of 25℃ (77℉).
NOCT: The estimated temperature of a solar PV module when it is operating under 800
W/m2 irradiance, 20℃ ambient temperature and a wind speed of 1 meter per second)
Maximum power may vary by ±5%, and other electrical data may vary by ±10%.
﹡ 50Hz Full Sine Wave,1 cycle, Non-repetitive

Installation Specifications
Maximum System Voltage
1000 V
Module operating temperature 
﹣40°C to +85°C

Temperature Coefficients
Open Circuit Voltage
-0.33 %/ ℃
Short Circuit Current
0.09 %/ ℃
Maximum Power
-0.20 %/ ℃
Voltage at Maximum Power
-0.32 %/ ℃
Current at Maximum Power 0.14 %/ ℃